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The business raises strict requirements for potential suppliers trying to bring to a minimum the risks of entering into a contract with a bad faith business partner. Yet, the customer of goods or services may turn out to be a bad faith actor itself when it makes the conditions for partners more stringent without a good reason. To establish the balance of interests and...


Practice shows that the mechanism of imposing liability for a violation of advertising legislation in accordance with article 14.3 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences can no longer fully perform its preventive function. Against this backdrop, the antitrust agency has revived an obligation to issue a retraction... Image by pch.vector on Freepik; Bank Icon in Glyph Style by Font Awesome on IconScout


Pepeliaev Group advises that on 18 October 2023 the draft law “On amending ‎the Federal Law “On protecting competition” was published for public discussion on the federal portal of drafts of legal and regulatory instruments.


E-commerce has not only many advantages, but also entails the risk of counterfeit goods being sold. The state and business are making joint efforts to protect the interests of right holders and consumers. We will tell you about the measures taken in terms of sufficiency and effectiveness.

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In 2021 the Plenum of the Russian Supreme Court recommended that courts investigate in more detail objective economic reasons for the conduct of market players, assess whether profit can be generated and establish a causal link between an agreement and unlawful consequences. This has changed approaches to proving cartels. Already today practice contains an example of a court of the highest...


The regulator is paying special attention to the fight against cartels. The courts are also making no less a contribution. The decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court are particularly significant. The Court recently adopted two rulings clarifying the issues of cartel immunities and the interpretation of the concept of ‘income’. Let us study the main conclusions.

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Draft law No. 337373-8 was submitted to the State Duma on 14 April 2023. It has been stipulated that measures of administrative liability will be introduced for companies if they do not comply with certain requirements relating to keeping records of Internet advertising.

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In September 2022, amendments came into force to the Law on Advertising that have fundamentally changed the format of control over advertising on the Internet and have introduced a recording system for it. Since then, the torrent of questions from market players regarding the application of the updated legislation has only been increasing.

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On 15 February 2023 the State Duma considered in the first reading a Draft Law which amends article 15 of Federal Law No. 57-FZ dated 29 April 2008 “On the procedure for foreign investments in business entities of strategic importance for ensuring national defence and state security”.

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The State Duma adopted in the first reading two draft laws that the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service developed to toughen liability for the entry into, and being a party to, a cartel. How will the anti-cartel article in the Russian Criminal Code and the programme of release from liability change, and what fines will be imposed for impeding antitrust inspections?

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