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The Russian Supreme Court’s Plenum has prepared a clarification on the most controversial issues of the application of anti-trust legislation by courts. On the one hand, the Court has ensured consistency with the approaches it developed previously. On the other, a striking feature of the clarifications was a signal of the need to follow the principle of reasonableness.

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The Eurasian Economic Commission is becoming ever more significant as a platform for antimonopoly authorities in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union to engage with each other in the area of investigations, information exchange and the reviewing of cases that show signs of a breach of general competition rules for cross-border markets.

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The concept of “collective dominance” is reflected in the Federal Law “On the Protection of Competition”. Despite the concept not being directly used in the legislation, the criteria creating the conditions for it to emerge are set out in Part 3 of Article 5 of the Competition Law. Qualitative and quantitative criteria are distinguished.

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In the tough conditions of the epidemic, governments are trying to mitigate the consequences of the crisis by developing horizontal schemes of state support for the business sector. Different countries and supranational unions are seeking a balance between helping companies and not only maintaining competition but also ensuring its subsequent development.

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Online trade is capturing ever more markets and industries. In the absence of stringent restrictions digital platforms can create additional obstacles for businesses, impose conditions on contracting parties, etc. Barriers are being put up, for instance, with the assistance of price parity. Let's examine what sort of legal assessment is given to these practices in Russia and the EU.

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The Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has published for the identification and mitigation of corruption risks in the procurement of goods, work, or services to provide for state or municipal needs.

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To avoid any potential abuse by various participants of the procurement, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has prepared a draft order of the Russian Prosecutor General “On organising the prosecutor’s supervision over whether the procurement legislation is observed”.

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The Russian Government is taking in connection with the changed procedures for exercising state control over tariffs.

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The import substitution policy has been actively implemented as a way to address the sanctions since 2014. From then on, the state procurement area has been changed repeatedly, and owing to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic it has again become a priority to support domestic manufacturers.

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To avoid potential abuse on the part of foreign investors, Federal Law No. 57-FZ dated 29 April 2008 “On the procedure for making foreign investments in business entities of strategic importance for ensuring national defence and state security” has been amended (“Law No. 57-FZ”).

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