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29 ноября 2022 г.
15 декабря 2022 г. состоится онлайн-конференция «Юридический бизнес России: итоги 2022». Впервые на одной площадке соберутся все организаторы крупнейших юридических конференций России и обсудят самые горячие темы года.
About the journal

The Competition and Law journal, the first printed specialised practice-based publication on competition law, was launched on the market in October 2010.

The journal comes out once every two months. It contains the following materials:

  • interviews with representatives of state authorities and the business community;
  • articles on topical issues of antimonopoly regulation with an analysis of risks and practical recommendations for business people;
  • the trends in administrative and court practice containing a targeted analysis of high-profile cases;
  • opinions and cases of acclaimed experts;
  • materials on the leading Russian and international practices in the area of the protection of competition;
  • reports on key antimonopoly events.

Each issue relates to a specific topic. A block of several features is dedicated to one of the hottest topics on the antimonopoly agenda.

The expert board of Competition and Law includes representatives of the Russian Constitutional Court, the State Duma (the lower chamber of Russias parliament), the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (“FAS”) and of the scientific and business community.

Over 12 years Competition and Law has proven itself an authoritative platform and has transformed into an ecosystem that has a range of interrelated products as subsystems.

1. e.cljournal.ru is an electronic version of the journal launched in 2017. Its contents are enriched with links to regulatory acts. The resource makes available the current legal base offering advanced search options for documents.

2. cljournal.ru is the website of the publication where you can find a real-time banner showing Russian and foreign news, a navigator of draft laws in the State Duma, a selection of documents and projects on the protection and development of competition during the sanctions period and in the context of the spread of COVID-19, as well as additional analytical materials and reports.

To register on the website, please follow the link.

3. A weekly review of events in the area of competition. Since 2012 the review has been available in electronic form to the subscribers to the journal and registered users. Owing to the review’s clear structure and concise form it will take you only 5 minutes to gain an understanding of the week’s news.

To read demo versions of the review, please follow the link.

4. A monthly review of judicial practice on antimonopoly cases with an expert’s comments will help you to trace how judicial practice has developed and to equip yourself with arguments in particular contentious situations.

The review has been published on the website since 2017. Each issue of the review is prepared by examining at least 200 cases and the three most significant of them are selected to be analysed in depth.

5. The antimonopoly club under the auspices of the journal. Meetings of the club have taken place since 2018. Information about the meetings is available on the pages of the publication and in the Conferences section on its website.

Representatives of the FAS of Russia and opinion leaders from the business community take part in the meetings of the club. The experts discuss the most topical issues of regulation. See for yourself by reading the https://cljournal.ru/register/about the events:

The archive of the issues of Competition and Law is located here (the English version contains the contents of the issues).

If you want to publish your materials in our journal, please follow the link to find out how you can do so.

To subscribe to the publication, please follow the link.

To obtain free 3-day access to the materials of the electronic journal, please follow the link.


Certificate of registration:

PI No. FS77-69130 dated 24 March 2017.

ISSN 2220-8399



Elena Sokolovskaya

Chief Expert, “Competition and Law” Journal, cl@cljournal.ru
Oksana Bodryagina

Editor in Chief, “Competition and Law” Journal, cl@cljournal.ru
Alena Avramenko

Head of Information Services, “Competition and Law” Journal, info@cljournal.ru
Julia Tereshko

Expert, “Competition and Law” Journal
Natalia Poyarkova

Editor, “Competition and Law” Journal

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