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6–7 октября 2022 г. в Алматы пройдет VIII Евразийский антимонопольный форум. Организаторы – Агентство Республики Казахстан по защите и развитию конкуренции, Центр защиты конкуренции, Альянс антимонопольных экспертов и Международный центр конкурентного права и политики БРИКС.
15 ноября 2022 г. Право.ru проведет ежегодный Litigation Forum, на котором эксперты в области судебного процесса поделятся опытом и знаниями, необходимыми для эффективной работы.
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II International ‘Competition and Law’ Forum

Taking part in the forum were representatives of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Antimonopoly Service, judges from state commercial (‘arbitration’) courts, prominent academics, foreign experts, specialists from law firms and representatives of major Russian companies.

At the event, among a whole range of matters, there was discussion of the main trends in antimonopoly legislation, of topical and practical antimonopoly regulatory issues in the light of the third set of antimonopoly amendments, of how specific trade rules take effect, and of the circulation of medicines.

The forum was opened by editor-in-chief of Competition and Law, Viktoria Tsygankova.

Vladimir Sokov, a partner at Pepeliaev Group, noted in his speech that antimonopoly regulation in Russia is being refined, as witnessed by the number of cases examined by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). This is over 2.5 times more than in 2007. Mr Sokov pointed out that antimonopoly legislation should continue actively to be refined, since the situation in this area has a serious impact on the development of the economy per se and on the level of investment. Mr Sokov took a favourable view of the adoption at the start of this year of the so-called third set of antimonopoly measures.

The deputy head of the FAS, Andrey Tsyganov, told the forum about these amendments.
In their speeches dealing with various topical issues, participants devoted considerable attention to practical matters.

In particular, there were examinations of the legal regulation of competition in Russia, and of issues arising in relation to the coming into being of the Single Economic Space. The discussion featured an analysis of such issues, among others, as companies’ anticompetitive agreements and concerted actions, the problems of establishing a dominant position on the market and abuse of a dominant position, problems of criminal and administrative liability.

The event ended with a ‘round table’ on the topic ‘Sector-based aspects of antimonopoly regulation’. At the round table, participants discussed practice of the application of the Law on trade, and antimonopoly risks in the pharmaceutical industry and on the market for medical devices.

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