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ФАС России подвела итоги деятельности в сфере контроля иностранных инвестиций в 2017 г.
18 января 2018 г.

Апелляция подтвердила позицию ФАС России по делу о злоупотреблении доминирующим положением
18 января 2018 г.

Правительство РФ создаст опорный банк для операций по гособоронзаказу и крупным госконтрактам
18 января 2018 г.

Правительство РФ изменило требования к банковской гарантии для участия в закупках по Закону № 44-ФЗ
18 января 2018 г.

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Issue No. 4, COMPETITION AND LAW journal, 2011

Editor in Chief, “Competition and Law” journal

Dear Colleagues,

The fourth edition of the journal “Competition and Law” examines case law. This idea came up during the Russo-American conference arranged this summer in Moscow jointly by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Russian Supreme Arbitration Court, with the involvement of the US Ministry of Justice.

This also explains the unusual way the heading of the journal is put together.

Firstly, we will recount the event.

Then Vadim Novikov, Senior Researcher, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration will draw your attention to the work of American colleagues. They were asked: Are anti-trust cases complex for judges? Is this issue topical for Russian judges? This summary will open the analytical section of this issue.

Elena Alexandrovich, Judge of the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Karelia, will touch in her article on issues taken into account when antimonopoly cases are examined with public authorities being involved, as well as on what is so specific about examining advertising cases. The subject of improper advertising will be picked up by Dina Lapshina, Senior Associate at Pepeliaev Group.

The Presiding Judge in the Arbitration Court of Novgorod Region, Artem Drachen will talk about case law in general commerce.

Ekaterina Leonenkova, Head of the Antimonopoly Group at law firm Yakovlev & Partners, will cite the factors that affect the amount of penalties, treating them as an economic entity’s ‘last chance’.

One of the speeches at the conference was devoted to so-called ‘barriers to entry’, that is to obstacles to the activity of new companies. Studying barriers to entry enables us better to understand why market concentration is so disparate in different areas of economic activity. This is discussed by Zemfira Kazachkova, Doctor of Juridical Science, Head of Department of Financial and Business Law, Stavropol State University, and Lubov Bykodorova, a Judge in the Arbitration Court of Stavropol Region.

While the holiday period continues, prices for air tickets remain high. It has been known to everyone for a long time that the cost of kerosene accounts for a major part of the cost of air tickets. Accordingly, the prospects for a fall in prices of air tickets depend directly on oil companies. A company patiently waits for success from the antimonopoly authorities, when it has long been known that only the FAS may fight against them.

Yaroslav Kulik and Julia Golikova, lawyers from ART DE LEX, in the ‘Hot topic’ section, remind us of the third wave of disputes between the FAS and major oil companies.

Pepeliaev Group Associate Maria Sedykh also gives her point of view on this issue in the overview of legislation and case law.

You can also read comments on the work of the conference. Attendees told our editorial staff which issue they considered most important and which difficulties they would like to see dealt with in future.

Oxana Gvozdilina, a judge of the Russian Supreme Arbitration Court, for instance, noted that since the Law on competition has force in all areas of economic activity, and also in view of the specific nature of the topic set by the organisers in such a young area of law as competition, this conference undoubtedly has great value for the Russian legal community.

The Head of the Litigation Department of the FAS’s Legal Division, Irina Romanenkova, has suggested that, next time, issues relating to bad faith competition on the financial services market be discussed.

Sergey Puzyrevsky, Head of the the FAS’s Legal Division, expressed the hope that the conference will be held at regular intervals and will attract as many participants as possible who are interested in antimonopoly regulation.

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№ 5, 2017 (сентябрь-октябрь)

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